Our Foremost Merits
Our Foremost Merits

The depth of knowledge we maintain regarding the Chinese jurisdiction, serves as a dynamic advantage for our clients. That Chinese knowledge equips us with up-to-date information on specific patent office rules, deadlines, extensions, and other jurisdiction-specific regulations associated with the Chinese prosecution process.

We understand the needs, deadlines and urgencies associated with our clients’ dockets. During compressed project engagements, we have successfully risen to the challenge of narrow time windows during which translations are to take place. In recognition of our clients’ needs, we strive to deliver translations as far ahead of schedule as possible. Our commitment to making the filing process easy is evident through our track record of diligence in communicating with our clients, as well as with their respective foreign agents and associates.

Centralizing the logistics associated with delivering translated patents abroad is not the only benefit for our clients. Today’s ever savvy managers of Chinese patent portfolios are well aware of the outstanding cost benefit associated with translating filings through our specialty services. Our favorable rates stem from our efficient approach to executing pristine translation deliverables. Therefore, our Chinese filing translation services has enabled the relief of millions of dollars previously and unnecessarily spent against budget by our clients. We provide an excellent patent translation service geared for Chinese filing in a financially comfortable fashion.
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